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This meeting is not going the way these two ladies want. They decide that having their way with their boss would be much more fun than listening to him lecture them for the millionth time about paperwork. They don’t want to undress though so they decide to go the cfnm threesome route. They take off all his clothes, making him a little embarrassed, but when they see his dick they know he has nothing to be ashamed of. They take it in their mouths and pussy, keeping on all of their clothes in this cfnm content escapade and making him one happy, happy boss.

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Strip poker can lead to some pretty naughty things. Too bad for this guy he sucks at poker and his two beautiful counter parts are amazing at it. He tries to talk them out of their clothes, but
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their deep throating ability. It feels so good that he takes one on his lap and gives her a hard fuck without even removing her clothes for this cfnm content! Instead of sitting out the other
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